Dr Archie Speirs
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Dr Archie Speirs

Dr Speirs trained in vertebroplasty between 2008 and 2010 under Professor Gishen (Imperial), Dr Sabharwal (Guys and St Thomas’) Dr Edwards in (Glasgow) and Professor Gangi (Strasbourg).

Since being appointed Consultant at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in 2010 he has led the vertebroplasty service working closely with the local spinal surgeons, Haematologists and Rheumatologists. During this period he had completed over 350 vertebroplasty procedures.

Dr Speirs has adapted his practice over this time to incrementally improve the Vertebroplasty service offered to patients. He commonly re-images patients on the day of the procedure to confirm fractures remain suitable for treatment and ensure no new fractures have occurred. He also routinely combines facet joints injections with the vertebroplasty procedure to offer patients the best chance of a good outcome with only one visit to the hospital. Consultations are generally performed remotely via telephone once patients have had their first MRI scan.

Dr Speirs has been invited to lecture on vertebroplasty at the Royal College of General Practitioners and the Royal College of Physicians in addition to publishing a review paper in an international peer reviewed journal. He has completed training in the Spinejack and also undertakes CT guided Sacroplasty.