Ultrasound Scan

At Berkshire Imaging we offer a comprehensive ultrasound service with sub-specialist expertise in all aspects of Radiology. We have access to state of the art dedicated ultrasound machines available at Berkshire Independent, Circle Reading, Spire Dunedin Hospitals and Berkshire Health.

Areas routinely covered include the neck, breast, abdomen (liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen and kidneys), pelvic organs (bladder, uterus, ovaries and scrotum), blood vessels, muscles, tendons and joints.

If necessary, an ultrasound machine may also be used to guide the placement of a needle for a therapeutic injection, perform a drain insertion or for obtaining a tiny piece of tissue (biopsy) for definitive diagnosis.

Depending upon the area to be scanned, preparation for the test may require fasting for a few hours beforehand or perhaps attending with a full bladder. Your appointment letter will give you the necessary information.

Following your scan a detailed report produced by the Consultant Radiologist will be sent to your referring doctor.

Commonly performed ultrasound scans include the following:

  • Ultrasound abdomen and pelvis including liver, gallbladder, pancreas
  • Ultrasound renal tract
  • Ultrasound pelvis (uterus/ovaries) - transvaginal
  • Ultrasound groin
  • Ultrasound scrotum
  • Ultrasound breast
  • Ultrasound axilla
  • Ultrasound neck including thyroid
  • Ultrasound carotid artery
  • Ultrasound aorta
  • Ultrasound leg veins ?deep vein thrombosis
  • Ultrasound varicose veins
  • Ultrasound shoulder
  • Ultrasound elbow
  • Ultrasound wrist and hand
  • Ultrasound hip
  • Ultrasound knee
  • Ultrasound ankle
  • Ultrasound foot
  • Ultrasound soft tissues

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