Dr James Briggs
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Dr James Briggs

After training in the clinical background and technique of Prostate Artery Embolisation (PAE) with Professor Marc Sapoval at the Hôpital Européen Georges-Pompidou in Paris, Dr Briggs established the PAE service in Berkshire, performing the first procedure there in 2015.  Through close collaboration with the local and regional urology teams, this service has grown to one of the largest in the country in terms of cases performed. As well as being proud to deliver an excellent service to our local community, we also provide advice and treatments to patients referred from urology specialists from other parts of the UK and abroad.

Dr Briggs continues to contribute to research and education in Interventional Radiology. He has authored more than 20 peer reviewed papers and book chapters, as well as numerous presentations at national and international scientific meetings. Currently Dr Briggs is contributing to several national and international clinical trials, including the PROstate study, an international trial investigating the benefits of PAE.

Dr Briggs maintains a keen interest in training and education in radiology and IR in particular, having undertaken several educational and pastoral roles at a national and local level, within the Royal College of Radiologists and the British Society of Interventional Radiology. Dr Briggs is passionate about increasing the provision of embolisation therapy more widely, providing education and training in interventional radiology and embolisation therapy to groups of specialists who visit the UK from across Europe and further afield.

Along with the team at Berkshire Imaging, Dr Briggs strives to provide an excellent experience for patients, beginning with in depth assessment and discussion of treatments available, tailored to the specific clinical and personal circumstances of the individual. We use the latest available technology along with the most up to date techniques to offer the best possible experience and outcomes, and to minimize risk and discomfort. Dr Briggs has extensive experience in performing PAE from a radial artery access point. This technique, where the prostate artery is accessed from a tiny pinhole in the wrist. Often preferred by patients, this allows earlier mobilisation after surgery and reduces any need for an overnight stay in hospital.